Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Here in my cage

My heart is yours and now its breaking I feel betrayed but it was of my own making, the anger and hate boils below the surface I have seen this line before and crossed it. The destruction in the wake of the path that was taken was a toll to high for many to pay I paid it then and I‘ll pay it again to have you back with me once again. I want to sent right that which was wrong my heart hurts so bad because now you are gone. My wrath know no limits from those that would hurt you; The animal inside screams in its cage furiously clawing with murderous rage, he is dark with fire for eyes most people don’t know that he’s even alive. I keep him contained in the cage inside and the day that you see him in my eyes is the day I fear for he’s taken over. Your love is the cage that quiets the beast and without you I don’t see how he will stay in he wants to come out, playing again destroying everything in sight, I don’t know why but tonight he feels so alive and close to the surface . There is nothing that I would not do the world doesn’t know the destruction I would reign on it to protect you, to keep you safe away from harm.
The road has been traveled one time before it was your heart that I broke now its mine that is torn, I can’t help what I feel and unconditional love is something I long for and hope once again to feel. Eyes wide open now you must see. Love is not just a good feel when the times are swell, but it is undeserved even when you are hurt and all fail, if love is only love with all your heart when times were good it wasn’t love that was felt. If there wasn’t love then I can sleep and tame the beast. For yet a little longer and then I must go I need the chance to love and I hope I will know, once again someday the feel of you warm embrace and the words “I love you” as my heart starts to race.
My heart is in your hand and you have the key keep this animal in the cage or set him free. You know who you are and I’m calling to you this is my last cry before I drown. I’m going under there is no way out.