Monday, August 2, 2010

One Little Word

The nectar of gods you’re meant for above but down here on earth you’re the anthropomorphic form of that drug.

Addiction you are when away from me, but when we’re together my heart seems to bleed.

Aphrodite looks for the thing that you are but the gift she once had dropped like a falling star straight down to earth you traveled far.

A land of great sky you once called home leave to walk a road that did not lead to Rome, roam you did until you were done this road that you traveled so far have you come.

Like the moth to a flame I am drawn to your light I cannot stop although its burning me alive I go down and down I refuse to save myself so I will drown in all that you are I know what I am merely a mortal a humble man.

Now the box is open Prometheus’s words not heeded though spoken as warning of what he knew but now we are through the world is changed and can never be the same.

The cause is simple a single word, and is so complex that it will never be understood; if you don’t know that of which I speak….tough luck.

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