Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sex Offenders, Rapists, and the Death penalty

I have got really sick of reading in the papers about rapist and other sex offenders getting released from jail after like 4-5 yrs, and then Megan's law (requires sex offenders to notify the police, and the police in turn the public when moving into an area) comes into effect. If i were in charge of the justice system Megan's law would no longer be needed. This is also a great reason that i support Jessica's Law It works towards making the laws against these repeat monsters a lot tougher and proposes something i will address later in the death penalty.
Sex offenders and Rapists are the absolute scum of the earth i don't care if the prey on children here, go to other places in the world, or the just watch the videos these other sickos make. I don't have numbers in front of me but over half of the children used are taken advantage of by know and repeat offenders. There is a really simple answer to this put them to death the first time they are convicted of the offense.That would cut the level of children used by half at the very least, this same law needs to apply to rapists as well because they are only notch up because they don't have sex with children. In fact i really don't care if sex took place the fact that the child was violated and innocence was lost is enough in my book.I would change the law to if you are convicted of these to crimes that it is an automatic death penalty I think like everything else in life the Death Penalty needs to have an express lane to get rid of this sub-human dirt.
Give two years to find out if the charges are true and then fry them I'm not suggesting that the state be cruel in how the kill them but that would not really hurt my feelings if they were. I guess the main point of this is that i feel if you commit these crimes you have given up you right to be part of the human race and in stead of the tax payers having to bear the burden of them living in the prison system just get rid of them and fast.
The trouble is at the present time we can't fry, hang, gas, or shoot the offenders or repeat offenders you can help you family out and remain aware of where the already convicted offenders are at Family Watch Dog. So at least if we can't rid the monsters from our streets we can know where they are.

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