Thursday, October 18, 2007

Embrace A View That Is Not Your Own

Where did the days of people holding their own view points go; people standing firm on the values that they held and not compromising. It seems that there is now a middle of the road party line going on, and God forbid that you disagree with anybody. In America we drive on the right side of the road and in Japan they drive on the left side, no matter which country that you are in if you try to drive in the middle, you’re wrong and are going to get hit from both sides.

The mere idea of thinking that your view point is the only one that is correct is highly criticized. This is hypocritical for thinking that I’m wrong for holding onto my beliefs that you are wrong. Why do we have to give equal merit to the opposing view? I really don’t think that the Jews needed to try and place themselves in the Nazi’s shoes and deem the merit of the action being taken against them. The worst of all these ideals is the “why can’t we all just hug and get along view”; we should not try and find middle ground because the truth will never be on the middle ground. The middle ground is the arena for compromise and negotiation; only the weak negotiate. The United States Military DID NOT try to negotiate or find middle ground with Iraq before they sent them back to the stone-age….twice. Imagine yourself driving a very fast car such as a Porsche 911 along the highway and some kid in their cheap car pull up next to you, telling you that your car isn’t fast; the truth of the situation is that you don’t need to prove anything to that kid, because you both know that your car is fast and there is no reason to give any merit to the speed of his car. The idea of giving equal merit to a lesser power or someone who is in the wrong is illogical, there is no fair play in life and we should stop trying to make it that way. All men were not created equal.

I think murder is an acceptable way of dealing with problems and inconveniences in life; now based on this illogical view: I have been working very hard at my job for a few years now putting up with a lot of headaches that my boss and his little minions like to hand out to me and I never get recognized for all the hard work that I put in. Life would be a whole lot easier if he was not being the pain that he is so I think I’m going to kill him to fix the problems and take the credit for the work that I have done. Now of course this situation is nonsense because there is a right and a wrong in this situation; the morals and laws of our country say that murder is wrong, I can hold any point of view that I want on the situation, this doesn’t take away from the fact that there is a right and wrong on the issue. People need to grow a backbone and pick a side. I don’t care if you agree with my point of view because I believe that I’m right and if you disagree with me, then you’re wrong, moreover I would be thrilled if you got completely upset and offended by this because then at least you would be thinking about things picking sides, and in the act of thinking that I’m wrong you just did what I did in choosing a side.

Why would anyone really kill another human life just because it is inconvenient at the present time? Then again we could always put rules on killing people so that we could make it legal and live with ourselves. This is where we find ourselves coming back to look at that middle ground, and we say that killing someone could be wrong if you feel that it is, but if you need to do it that’s alright too? No; there are lines in the proverbial sand and we stand on one side or the other, then again we could always sugar coat our issue at hand and call it pro-choice. Everyone likes choices I mean we are Americans and if we don’t have at least ten different choices of bread in the supermarket well we just don’t shop there.

Truth and the correct answers to a situation should be what is being sought, not patting everyone on the back and telling them that their stance and view points on whatever is being talked about is just as correct as everyone else’s. There is right and wrong, the feelings surrounding a situation or issue doesn’t change that fact of something being right or wrong. The great thing about truth too is the fact that it is true and it will always be true, it is a constant, a reference point by which we guide our lives. People try to say that everyone has their own truth, and the situation is made worse by the freedoms that we are given. That fact that a person has the freedom of speech does not mean that they are correct in what they are saying or for that matter that they should be saying the things that they are; however this is the price that is paid for the great freedoms that we have and hold dear. It is far better to have too much freedom and be able to abuse than not have enough.