Friday, September 24, 2010

Eyes That Cannot Lie

It is the eyes that give someone away. The eyes see and by them we are seen, they express, convey, show and betray the deepest parts of our inner hearts, mind, and soul. The eyes that show the creature for what it truly is: the glazed look in the eyes of the big cat that once knew the thrill of the hunt, the thousand yard stare of the soldier that looks straight through you, the pure and innocent light in the eyes of a small child in awe of all that Christmas morning brings, the elation upon first sight of a loved one again after a long time apart, the hate and malevolent look in the eyes of those filled with violence seeking destruction. When eyes are colder than the Arctic tundra ice and snow, it chills to the depths of the soul, in a moment the same eyes will change hotter than the sun with passion and love. This seems fitting that the eyes cannot be repaired once sight is lost there is no going back. You may be careful with what you say, but your eyes cannot lie.

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