Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Quietest Corner

The quietest corner of the mind, is free from all space and time. Here there is truth and no body lies, I am alone in this quietest corner, through the stained glass window shines the hunter’s moon, the light in this darkened Cathedral, the anger of angels dies only echoes remain in the stillness of this place. The mind journeys to wherever it may roam and the silence is broken only for whom the bell tolls. The bridges are burning I played with fire, but you dropped the match that lit it ablaze. A cold fire burning so deep none that sea it’s drowning me on the hot desert sand where I stand has become a sheet of glass. The light was blinding all that I know gone with the flash. There is no turning back. Giants do fall don’t stand in the way, no matter how strong the thing that stands against me, it is no match for the standard of the flood that rises up in front of me. The determination annihilation. It is finished.

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