Sunday, March 16, 2008

This Moment

The concept of living in the moment that we are in, carpe diem and all of that has always interested me. The fact that it is in this moment in which we will define ourselves and it is this moment in which we live. Why is this moment so important? i believe it is because of what we do now that will be what we are remembered for. The stars and the sand provide great lessons of this concept.
I found myself looking up at the stars the other night, think of how they look like little pinholes in a piece of paper allowing light in from another world. I started to think of the stars are thousands of light years away and in all the time that it took for that light to travel here the star could have died and burned out hundreds of years ago but yet we can still look to the sky and see the wonder and awe of what it use to be.
When i was in Japan i use to spend a lot of time on the beach; i love the beach,
the water, and the way that it opens up a whole new world where the rules of the land don’t apply. The thing that i noticed though is that the ocean and the beach are in a constant state of flux. You can walk down the beach and look behind you for the trail you left in the sand and before you get to far the foot prints that you left will be washed away.
The simple fact remains that when we are gone, we are gone but what will we leave behind? Will people be able to see the light of what we were long after we are gone or will we soon be forgotten as the tide of life sweeps across what we have done. Life is a journey of choices that we have to make some of those choices will impact the generations to come while others will soon be forgotten. When the moment in your life that will define you comes, dare to live large and on the edge history and life doesn’t remember those that played it safe, but rather those that laid it all on the line of the sake of that moment.These two things made me think about life and what i want to be a star or the beach.

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