Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Bable we have built

Glasswalls are the tools that we have used to raise ourselves up and place ourselves on the very throne of God, what we live and what we do is seen so clear these glasswalls that we live behind give us the illusion that we are all connected but in truth we are not, i have heard ppl say that the internet has connected the whole world, but i believe that it has done just the opposite, we are disconnected....unplugged if you will, you now work jobs that you don't really like and if you don't the odds are you will and then we go home to something like myspace or other places and talk to people that we never have and probably never will meet. why? well i'm glad you asked we do this so that we can feel loved but the problem is that we can never really get close or be loved by the person on the other side of that glass wall bc we live a semi- if not completely fabricated life with them for fear that they are someone that could stalk us down or hurt us. These glasswalls allow us to be be perfect and in a fashion obtain that god-like status that mankind so despretly seeks. This self deification is unheathy because we seek to take the place of God instead of trying to be more like him. These walls have allowed us to view the world in a mode as close as we can to becoming God. What would happened if everyone unplugged and just worried about fixing the little section of the world we live instead of trying to butt in on the whole world?

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