Sunday, March 16, 2008

Immortals fallen to mortality

Do you ever feel as though in the current course of your life that you have somehow fallen from immortality as is were. Looking around realizing that the place you are in life is so far from where you ever wanted to be. Always reaching for that goal you have set only to almost reach it and have it taken from you. No matter what you do it never seems to be enough to stem the in coming tide of seemingly malice intentions meant to slow you down. It's like the feeling a spider must have building a beautiful web that is not only something to show for its existance but also a source of food and shelter, only to have a small child come along and without thinking destroy everything that it has built; just because its fun. I wish that small child would stop having fun at the cost of my life. It's a sinking feeling knowing that someone close to you thinks and sees your life as a failure. Sometimes the thoughts rise to why should i try or care anymore. I guess the only thing you can do is keep pushing and climb back to immortality.

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