Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Honey, Bees, The British and their tea

Sitting here drinking my wonderful tea is what i am doing if British i be, the bees fly around from flower to flower collecting more pollen for honey by the hour, our drink of choice is the tea that we drink the honey we add sweetens and pleases, so we're all connected the british and tea, the bees and flowers to honey you see. Honey is what we want when we come home from a bad day in cleveland, london, or rome. Honey says i'm glad that you're home and with a quick kiss the bad day is all gone. So thanks to the british that drink their tea because they give the bees reason to be and from that reason come the fruit of the flower, honey that sweetens the tea that we drink. The tea is your life, the bees are your job and the flower is the purpose for which we breathe, but the honey is the sweet that makes it all worth it for if a bee would not be then what would be then reason to drink this nasty tea.

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