Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What is really worth fighting for?

I have read that peace is not something that you can guard and protect, but rather war is an animal that you keep in a cage until the time comes to unleash it. I firmly believe that there some problems in the world that call for in short....war but the reasons right now that we claim we are fighting for are bloated and very general. We are told that we are fighting terrorism, the problem is what is terrorism? its an idea and ideas cannot be killed, and we as the most powerful country in the world need to come to grips with the fact that not everyone in the world is going to like us, but honestly who really cares if they do? Does some iraqi's hate for how much better off you have life really concern you? For that matter if you care so much why not move there and help them out. I have been to Iraq a couple times and for as much as they hate us they try so hard to live up to the standard that we do.
Wiping out terrorism is one big circle and if wiping it out is the goal, we might as well just kill the whole middle east because we are creating more terrorist every single day. Am i anti-war? Yes i am at this point, i think the war has gone on for too long and i have heard very high ranking officers say that this is a war that we CAN NOT WIN an if you can't win it then why are my brothers out there in that wasteland dying? This blood is being spilt for some politican's pride because enough is never enough. Most of those out there fighting and dying contrary to what you are told do not believe in or support this war, then why did i do it? why do they do it? because we have to, there is no choice about going into that situation.
I love and support our military and thats they way we all should be. You don't have to like the war or even support it but, love and support the men and women that are out there, what they are doing is a that they have now choice about where they go or what they do, but keep in mind they are people like you and me. It never got me upset when people protested the war, it did get me mad when they would rally and a serviceman's funeral.
The last and final point of this blog is what is a terrorist? no one thinks that they are a terrorist but i know good and well that i have been thought of as one, kicking someone's door down and dragging people out in the middle of the night. Then again are you being a terrorist trying to stop people from killing you? or how about fighting to get an unwanted military out of your city? Either party believes they are right and sees the other as the terrorist. would you defend you country? would you fight know the other people have a stronger fighting force than you? I would and i hope the rest of you would too, because everything thing worth having is worth fighting for and you're not really living untill you have something worth dying for.

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