Monday, March 31, 2008

When Angels Cry

The rain pours down wrecking the day you had planned, soaking through your firewood. Time and energy spent and wasted with this fall of water from the skies, looking up and imagine the angels cry. The rain washes and cleans away the filth and grim, but in the moment it seems to be only lost time; the hurt and pain that comes out with the rain, it goes on for days and seems it will never go away. You ever try to light a camp fire with wet wood? You keep trying for awhile hoping to have the wood catch and reward you with a warm fire, but after awhile you stop trying because you realize that not matter what you try its just not going to light. At the crossroads the Devil stands with a can of gasoline, waiting to make a deal. For a small price you can have the burst of flame you so desperately crave, in that moment you feel whole and complete with the warm arms of the fire reaching out to hold you tight. In time no matter how much gas you buy, the rain from heaven when angels cry will drown the flame; leaving you with nothing but shame that you sold out for a temporary flame. What is that price that is to be paid, so you can feel the warmth, but the gas quickly burns away leaving you standing in the crossroads with a price to pay. In my life I have learned it’s not the price you want to pay for the short lived flame, just hold on and in the new day the rain will go away.

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Poetik said...

wow! how true! love the metaphor of the fire and the flame... the angels tears... and the shame. I'd like to re-post this onto my blog with your permission..... may I?