Tuesday, March 18, 2008

When a god dies

Up in the clouds the king sits with no one around. His eyes roam to a fro walking the earth day and night yet with all his might he does not fathom the joy and happiness of these ants in his sight. Their life is short just days in his sight, but still they dream, love, fight, and die. Searching for a reason he left his throne. He walked among them and saw them as man; they walked upright, used reason and logic as he did. He came to a village a little girl cried I am so hungry, my father has died. The great king fed this family of three, but still they knew not the god-king he be. When they had ate the girl gave him a hug, the mother cried and bid him good-bye with love. This love was a thing he had never felt before, now he understood why they carried out their wars. The passion and pride that burns inside: a reason to believe, to fight, and to die. The deity returned high to his throne, having felt wanted he now felt alone; immortality looms large, it is to much to bear he needed a reason to live for, a purpose to care. The vastness of forever ahead no one to love nothing to live for the god-king dies. From his death there is a lesson to learn from his life, it is not how long you live but what you live for. Until you have something worth dying for you’re not really living

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Anonymous said...

That was really great! Have you ever really lived??