Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Water, The Ocean, and The World

I have a fascination with water, i love to swim, scuba dive, in general i just love the water. Water to me is complex it's: peaceful, calm, powerful, angry, and unforgiving. The water gives the world life and is the biggest natural force to take it also. The peace and calm we get by laying at the beach, and in turn sheer terror it brings when unleashed.

These are some of the human like qualities that made me want to look more into water and find out what is it? I went to the docks and looked at the water but could not see into it because of the choppiness and the waves created by the boats, so i dove into the water and i saw a beautiful world that i am not a part of. So i went places that had been damaged by the water, but all i saw was my world torn apart by a destructive force. I realized that i was trying to understand a forest by studying different parts of its various trees, and what i needed to do was take and step back and look and the big picture. So i took a stroll out into space and i saw the oceans for what they were and powerful almost living force that shaped the world it was a part of, but the i noticed that this powerful force didn't have a will of its own it is being played upon by the moon and larger forces.

The next time we think we have all the answers, it might help to take a step back. When we live to close to the water we don't see it for what it really is. The lesson i have learned is that i need to look and the water, the ocean, and the world. Next time you turn on a sink just watch the water drip, in that size the water can't really hurt you but when you get a lot of those drops together..........lets just say it only takes one to start the waterfall. When people gather in purpose there is nothing we can't do when we set our minds to it.

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