Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Word puzzles and Spider Games

The words we choose picks the puzzle we play, the better the phrase more complex the game.

Did i mean what i said or was there an underlying thread.

If you try the threads out for size will it cut through the smoke and mirrors or are they lies?

If Lies do lay then where do they stay.....up in our head spinning away, a web do they weave and decieve.

Are we the spider or merely the fly caught in the web of these wicked lies.

Time will tell where this game goes but for now its down the rabbit hole because nobody knows.

The old man sits on the mountain so wise but no one visits so does he waste his time, and has he lost his mind up there all alone thinking he has the light.

Light will lead down that dark dark hole where wonderland is though nobody knows.

The ones that do are old and wise and sit on mountains that touch the sky, there with the sky they lose their minds and can no longer tell us the answer to life.

So live each day as if it was the last for once you find wonderland theres no coming back.

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