Sunday, March 16, 2008


I lay awake tonight, like a child on Christmas Eve with the thoughts of the next day, in awe of what could be. The thought comes in and takes control plants an image and it won't let go, when this happens I want to know does it happen to you, connected…… sleepless in our separate places as we share the night. My mind fails to understand what my heart tells me is this why I pace sleepless through the planes of my mind inventing a reality that has not taken place. There is no gift waiting for me tonight so why does my mind rob me of sleep tonight. When you put words on paper you control the thought and own the tone; they serve to do your bidding, to make your puzzle and play in the maze that you make. I am unable to put in writing my thoughts they will not come out or surrender their stronghold. They hold me captive in their maze running around like a hamster in a cage.

I think is strange how meeting someone can do all this to you, the feelings and wonder. I can never see the forest from the trees when it is my own interest, but for some reason if I were given the same set of facts to go on and it was someone else's I would see the situation with perfect vision. Words seem to be the only thing that you can control in life and then they leave you feeling powerless and rather speechless.

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